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Local Government Forum: May 11

Local councils are expected to play an increasing role in both climate change mitigation and adaptation. To bring greater understanding to this, Climate Tasmania and the Local Government Association (LGAT) are hosting an important forum on May 11. In recent … Continue reading

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March for Science: April 22

In this era we need science and science needs us. Click on the graphic above to find out more. See media coverage here.

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Open letter to parliamentary leaders

An open letter has been sent to the three party leaders in the House of Assembly drawing attention to the Tasmanian Parliament’s inability to address the now-urgent issue of climate change. Signatory, Dr Fitzpatrick, is a climate scientist and member … Continue reading

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Music for a Warming World

Mixing entertainment with science. Coming to Hobart in February. Click the graphic for event details. Plus more info here.

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SLT’s Climate Solutions Project

“A THRIVING TASMANIA THAT MEETS THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE HEAD ON” That’s what the Sustainable Living Tasmania group is proposing through its expert-backed project to show how it can be done. Below is a video clip introduction to the project. Please do take 11 minutes to listen to … Continue reading

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2017: It’s time to re-set the clock on climate change

Tasmania’s professional advisory body on climate change has described 2016 as a massive wake-up call, and warned that it’s time to reset the clock on climate action in 2017.

“The last year has burned climate change risks into the public’s consciousness like never before,” said Philip Harrington, Co-Convenor of Climate Tasmania. “Our policy makers need to make 2017 the year to re-set the clock on the state’s climate change strategies, to protect Tasmania from further economic harm.” Continue reading

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State of the Climate 2016

CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology have released their fourth update looking at changing weather patterns in Australia, brought about by climate change. They’ve also released the short educational primer below, without the technical detail. For more extensive trend information, … Continue reading

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Where do Tasmanian emissions come from?

Sustainable Living Tasmania has done a wonderful job converting our state greenhouse emissions profile into a visual display. The wheel here represents greenhouse emissions coming from the four primary sectors shown. Emissions are based on 2014 official data. Click on … Continue reading

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Our submission: Energy Security Taskforce

Following the state energy crisis in early 2016 the state government set up an Energy Security Taskforce. Climate Tasmania has responded to the Taskforce’s Consultation Paper. Our submission emphasised that the short term issue of energy security must not be … Continue reading

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Tasmania’s energy security

How much did the 2016 energy emergency in Tasmania cost in money terms?
How much is it costing us in terms of greenhouse emissions? Continue reading

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