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Don’t try to fix traffic congestion

Speakers at Climate Tasmania’s well attended July 5 transport forum warned that trying to fix traffic congestion by catering for more cars is a costly and never ending, futile exercise. Dr Eliot Fishman (Institute for Sensible Transport) and Professor Jason … Continue reading

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Where do Tasmanian emissions come from?

Sustainable Living Tasmania has done a wonderful job converting our state greenhouse emissions profile into a visual display. The wheel here represents greenhouse emissions coming from the four primary sectors shown. Emissions are based on 2014 official data. Click on … Continue reading

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Where do Tasmania’s carbon emissions come from?

Tasmania has already reached its long term emissions reductions target (60% below 1990 levels by 2050) way ahead of schedule!

On the face of it this totally unexpected success seems to be illogical and unbelievable, particularly because it can be argued that almost nothing significant has been done on the mitigation policy front to achieve that goal. So how did it come about? What is the story behind this story?
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