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2017: It’s time to re-set the clock on climate change

Tasmania’s professional advisory body on climate change has described 2016 as a massive wake-up call, and warned that it’s time to reset the clock on climate action in 2017.

“The last year has burned climate change risks into the public’s consciousness like never before,” said Philip Harrington, Co-Convenor of Climate Tasmania. “Our policy makers need to make 2017 the year to re-set the clock on the state’s climate change strategies, to protect Tasmania from further economic harm.” Continue reading

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Our submission: Energy Security Taskforce

Following the state energy crisis in early 2016 the state government set up an Energy Security Taskforce. Climate Tasmania has responded to the Taskforce’s Consultation Paper. Our submission emphasised that the short term issue of energy security must not be … Continue reading

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Our Submission: Draft Climate Action Plan

Submission by Climate Tasmania
on the Tasmanian governments’s Draft Climate Action Plan
“Embracing the Challenge”

22 March 2016 Continue reading

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State climate strategy: call for public feedback

“Embracing the Climate Challenge” has been finally released in late December.

There is an extended period in which make pubic submissions, so now is the time to do that. The deadline is March 25. Continue reading

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Let us help you write a submission

Here’s your invitation to our free forum where we will help to unpack the government’s Draft Climate Change Strategy.

Following Tasmania’s eventful Summer this is an opportune time for the government to be engaging the community.

Deadline for submissions: 25th March 2016.
Continue reading

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Don’t even think about it!

Why do most people never talk about climate change, even people with personal experience of extreme record breaking weather?
What does will it take for society to accept what we already know?

Such puzzling questions have dogged the minds of many climate scientists and communicators for years. The key word is ‘framing’. We need better framing of the climate issue so that messaging of the issue matches how human beings think.

With this in mind, George Marshall’s recent book (pictured here) is essential reading. Continue reading

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Update on climate change policy in Australia

Please click on this link to view Phil Harrington’s presentation on climate policy – as delivered to our first public forum on March 31.
Continue reading

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Tasmanian Energy Strategy

Here is our submission to the Tasmanian Governments Draft Energy Strategy – issued in December for public comment. Continue reading

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Climate Tasmania launched

Climate advocacy has a new voice in Tasmania, with the launch of an expert body that is committed to lifting the profile of climate change across both government and business sectors.

Its aim is to: Provide timely, independent and authoritative advice to Tasmanian business, government and community leaders on climate change and appropriate policy responses.

Launching Climate Tasmania, Professor Lesley Hughes described human induced climate change as the greatest challenge that human civilisation may ever have to face.

“Tasmania, like everywhere else, will be heavily impacted by the advance of climate change, but it also has tremendous opportunities to take a leading role in dealing with the issue.” Continue reading

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