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As the economy heats up again…. what then for climate?

Quite a number of government engagement processes are now under way as all three levels of government gradually shift into post-Covid recovery mode. Climate change policy once again hangs in the balance as our governments, keen to revitalize their economies, … Continue reading

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The best ways to stop climate change?

It’s probably not what you think. Most people think of this question through the simple meme – replace fossil fuels with renewables. Problem fixed. Therein lies a thorny problem. Despite exponential growth of renewable energy during the past three decades … Continue reading

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Climate change can’t remain unregulated

In the wake of numerous shocking and costly tragedies, like the Australian bushfires, pressure is mounting on all governments everywhere to regulate climate change through meaningful sets of laws. Continue reading

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Beefing up Tasmania’s climate legislation

This Summer’s weather and bushfire calamities along with the marine heatwave that is debilitating marine habitats and affecting our commercial fisheries have brought to the fore once again Tasmania’s acute vulnerability to climate change and the need for our state … Continue reading

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Can Tasmania provide leadership on climate change?

Political turmoil in Canberra in recent weeks has once again thrown the spotlight on Australia’s response to the Paris COP Agreement – whereby individual nations have agreed to take leadership in order to help restrain global emissions.

The following is text of a letter sent to all forty Tasmanian MPs on 18 September 2018. Continue reading

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Tasmanian government launches state climate strategy

The Tasmanian state government today launched the long awaited state climate change strategy today – ironically on the same day that the United States announced that it will pull out from the COP 21 Paris global climate pact. Entitled “Climate … Continue reading

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How to communicate climate change

BOOK REVIEW: By David Hamilton “What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming ― towards a new psychology of climate action” I have just finished reading this book by Per Espen Stoknes. The book explores the … Continue reading

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Financial regulator warns business on climate risk

Australia’s financial regulator (APRA) has warned that climate change poses a material risk to the entire financial system, and has urged companies to start seriously adapting. Geoff Summerhayes, from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, says it is unsafe for companies … Continue reading

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2017: It’s time to re-set the clock on climate change

Tasmania’s professional advisory body on climate change has described 2016 as a massive wake-up call, and warned that it’s time to reset the clock on climate action in 2017.

“The last year has burned climate change risks into the public’s consciousness like never before,” said Philip Harrington, Co-Convenor of Climate Tasmania. “Our policy makers need to make 2017 the year to re-set the clock on the state’s climate change strategies, to protect Tasmania from further economic harm.” Continue reading

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Can the World Meet Paris Climate Goals Without the United States?

It’s been a week since the US elections elected Donald Trump as president and the above question is burning in the minds of all those concerned about climate change. Nobody has a clear answer to this speculation right now. Here … Continue reading

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