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Postal address: PO Box 3199 West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australia
Telephone: 0427 355 951

Media statements

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For stories that are not linked to media releases, the specialty areas of Climate Tasmania members are as follows:

Nick Towle: climate and health.
Mel Fitzpatrick global climate science
Jess Feehely: climate and government regulations.
Jan McDonald: adaptation issues (advisory).
James Risbey: climate science (esp. meteorology).
John Hunter: climate science (esp. sea level rise).
Donald Coventry: resource management.
Phil Harrington: climate and energy, the economy.
David Sanderson: climate change and the rural sector.
Chris Harries: transport and community education.

Nick Towle and Peter Boyer are Al Gore climate education presenters and are available to provide presentations to organisations on request.


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Climate Tasmania logo

    Climate Tasmania was established in October 2014 and activated in December 2014.

    Climate Tasmania stemmed from the former statutory government advisory board, the Tasmanian Climate Action Council (TCAC) – which had been abolished by the incoming state government in the same year.

    Members of the TCAC, being deeply committed to the cause of climate action, chose to rename and refloat themselves under a similar charter – so as to continue to provide professional advice to government and business on issues relating to climate change mitigation and adaptation.