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Tasmania’s 200% Renewables Target

A Briefing paper by Climate Tasmania On 13 October 2020, the Tasmanian Government introduced a Bill in state parliament to legislate the previously announced target (the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target – TRET) whereby Tasmania would set a goal of delivering … Continue reading

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Tasmanian transport emissions

A necessary debate that Tasmania needs to have regarding climate policy is about how we get around. Our electricity generation mostly being hydro-electric power, it is often mistakenly presumed that the best individual vehicle choice is to ‘go electric’. The … Continue reading

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Energy Security Taskforce report now public.

The final report of Tasmanian Energy Security Taskforce (set up in the wake of Basslink breakdown) has been released. Climate Tasmania is generally pleased with the findings, in particular that it acknowledges and summarises the actual negative impact that climate … Continue reading

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Tasmania’s energy security

How much did the 2016 energy emergency in Tasmania cost in money terms?
How much is it costing us in terms of greenhouse emissions? Continue reading

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Snapshot of power generation in real time

A wonderful resources: By hovering your mouse over the live graphic below you can see how much energy is being used and from where it is being sourced.

The data displayed is updated at frequent intervals.
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