Climate Change Act Review

Below is information that we provided to the Tasmanian Climate Change Act review, February 2021.


Climate Tasmania is pleased to have been asked to provide information to Jacobs, the consultants tasked with the independent review of the Tasmanian Climate Change Act.

Information about the review process is available here.

[Note: in this document “emissions” by our definition cannot be negative. We use “sequestration” to identify what others might call negative emissions. “Net emissions” denotes emissions minus sequestration.]

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Why the Tasmanian government’s recovery plans must deal with both together.

Catastrophic climate events increasingly seen as a major economic issue for Australian states.

The Tasmanian Government’s covid-19 recovery process (PESRAC) has issued an interim report and is inviting community submissions. Climate Tasmania has been very concerned that PESRAC appears to have sidelined the climate change issue, rather than deal with these two major disruptions in tandem.

Further below is Climate Tasmania’s follow-up letter to the Premier and the state government’s recovery team.

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Tasmania’s 200% Renewables Target

A Briefing paper by Climate Tasmania

On 13 October 2020, the Tasmanian Government introduced a Bill in state parliament to legislate the previously announced target (the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target – TRET) whereby Tasmania would set a goal of delivering 200% renewable electricity by 2040.

This paper provides background on this legislation and some of the issues it raises.

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Online Public consultation is now open.

Although multiple scholarly articles and media reports have been explaining how covid-19 and the climate crisis are part of the same battle – and therefore must be dealt with in tandem – there’s a risk that these lessons are not being learned by governments.

The Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council (PESRAC) advises the Tasmanian government on strategies and initiatives to support Tasmania’s recovery from the COVID-19 downturn.

Interim Report report to the government makes no mention of climate change.

We believe it is fundamentally important that the long-term climate change risks to Tasmania’s economy and society are not put aside as major strategic decisions are made in coming months.

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Online Zoom forum

Please click here to register in advance for this webinar.
You will be sent the details by reply email.

About the speakers.

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Is Tasmania really a world leader in climate action?

What does this actually mean?

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Doughnut Economics

As we come out of covid… a different way to move our economies forward.

A lot is being written lately about this new way of looking at economics, suited to the 21st century. How to apply this thinking to our post-covid recovery here in Tasmania?

In this 6 minute video [click on image], economist and author Kate Raworth neatly explains the concept.

Displacing growth with the things that matter.
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As the economy heats up again…. what then for climate?

Quite a number of government engagement processes are now under way as all three levels of government gradually shift into post-Covid recovery mode.

Climate change policy once again hangs in the balance as our governments, keen to revitalize their economies, develop and implement their recovery strategies. Here are some public consultations that are under way. Time to get pens out!

Federal Processes Underway:
Review of federal EPBC Act
Federal Technology Investment Roadmap / Covid Commission

Tasmanian Government Processes
Review of Tasmania’s Climate Act (2008)
Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan
Tasmania’s Economic and Social Recovery Plan (post Covid)

Local Government Processes
Hobart City Council’s Climate Strategy
(New draft strategy will be available here.)

[Note that deadlines for the above processes are at various stages. Please open the links to find out more. There has also been some confusion about the status of Hobart Council’s Climate Strategy. We are advised that a new draft paper, entitled: ‘Sustainable Hobart Action Plan: Responding to Climate Change’ is due to be released in the near future. ]

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The best ways to stop climate change?

It’s probably not what you think.

Most people think of this question through the simple meme – replace fossil fuels with renewables. Problem fixed.

Therein lies a thorny problem. Despite exponential growth of renewable energy during the past three decades global emissions have still been steadily rising – because many bigger factors are at play. We are heading for catastrophic 4.1 degree rise by the end of the century. What changes will make the biggest difference to this?

EN-Roads is smart simulation program that helps to fill out the total picture.
It’s especially a great resource for students.

Click on the graph to get started. (It may take a few moments to load.)

Play around with all of the variables to see how they change world temperature.

Since 1965 the proportion of world energy consumption contributed by fossil fuels has dropped from 94% to 85%. But since we need to be sharply reducing fossil fuel use rather than increasing it, as at present, this is cold comfort. Our governments need to think way, way beyond just renewable energy.

[There are various other buttons at the top of the page, so feel free to play around with the simulation program.]

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Climate Tasmania has previously engaged with the arts community in the interest of climate education. Here is an interesting recent interview with singer songwriter, Missy Higgins on this connection. Enjoy!

Missy Higgins Sostalgia
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