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Climate Tasmania has previously engaged with the arts community in the interest of climate education. Here is an interesting recent interview with singer songwriter, Missy Higgins on this connection. Enjoy!

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In case you missed ‘Climate Of Change’ on Four Corners

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What do we want the Tasmanian Parliament to do?

Climate Tasmania wants the Tasmanian Parliament to pass an ambitious, comprehensive, and detailed Climate Change Act. We want the Act to provide: # strong action to minimise climate disruption and # a stable policy framework – both of which are … Continue reading

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Launceston Public Meeting: Sept 16

Please download the poster HERE and share it with your network.

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Tasmanian transport emissions

A necessary debate that Tasmania needs to have regarding climate policy is about how we get around. Our electricity generation mostly being hydro-electric power, it is often mistakenly presumed that the best individual vehicle choice is to ‘go electric’. The … Continue reading

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Energy Security Taskforce report now public.

The final report of Tasmanian Energy Security Taskforce (set up in the wake of Basslink breakdown) has been released. Climate Tasmania is generally pleased with the findings, in particular that it acknowledges and summarises the actual negative impact that climate … Continue reading

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Heat wave off Tasmania coast persists

Scientists who have analysed data from September 2015 to May 2016 have produced a report on the damaging East Coast hotspot and conclude that as well as it being the most intense, it was the longest recorded off Tasmania’s east … Continue reading

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Psychology of climate change denial

It’s the 64 million dollar question that climate scientists ask. When presented with stark information on the rate of climate change that is happening why are so many people and governments all over the world so prepared to look the … Continue reading

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Financial regulator warns business on climate risk

Australia’s financial regulator (APRA) has warned that climate change poses a material risk to the entire financial system, and has urged companies to start seriously adapting. Geoff Summerhayes, from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, says it is unsafe for companies … Continue reading

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Can the World Meet Paris Climate Goals Without the United States?

It’s been a week since the US elections elected Donald Trump as president and the above question is burning in the minds of all those concerned about climate change. Nobody has a clear answer to this speculation right now. Here … Continue reading

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