Don’t try to fix traffic congestion

Speakers at Climate Tasmania’s well attended July 5 transport forum warned that trying to fix traffic congestion by catering for more cars is a costly and never ending, futile exercise.

Dr Eliot Fishman (Institute for Sensible Transport) and Professor Jason Byrd (UTAS Professor of Human Geography and Planning) focussed on transport presenting an expansive matrix of solutions – taking into account multiple related issues of urban design, human health and equity, climate change and economy.

The forum can be viewed below in its entirety. Dr Fishman’s presentations starts here. Professor Byrd’s presentation starts here. The Q & A sessions starts here. Peter Boyer’s summing up is here. (The speakers’ presentations are embedded in the video.)

The forum was held in tandem with screen and forum activities conducted by the bicycle advocacy group Bicycle Tasmania.

Meanwhile, Hobart City has just released it’s long awaited Transport Strategy (to 2030) and is now inviting public submissions and engagements. Some serious work has gone into this draft. Go to the bottom of the link page to check out public engagements coming up.

The actual Draft Strategy can be downloaded here.

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