Local Government Forum: May 11

Local councils are expected to play an increasing role in both climate change mitigation and adaptation. To bring greater understanding to this, Climate Tasmania and the Local Government Association (LGAT) hosted an important forum on May 11.

In recent years Tasmanian councils have had to shoulder fallout from a range of severe weather related events such as catastrophic wildfires, coastal erosion and harm to roads and other infrastructure as a result of severe flooding. In parallel, local government also has a critical role to play in carbon pollution mitigation, such as landfill and fleet management.

[The forum was open to both local government personnel and interested members of the public and was well attended by council officers from around the state. See Peter Boyer’s story here.]

Guests speakers:
Peta Olesan from the ACT government which has a carbon neutral framework,
Phil Harrington, Policy analyst who has been advising a number of jurisdictions on climate policy.
Dr John Hunter, climate scientist and member of the Climate Tasmania advisory body
Clive Attwater, a local economist who has been advocating transport electrification issues
Donovan Burton, from Climate Planning
Tristan Knowles, from the Australian Clean Energy Finance Corporation

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