The best ways to stop climate change?

It’s probably not what you think.

Most people think of this question through the simple meme – replace fossil fuels with renewables. Problem fixed.

Therein lies a thorny problem. Despite exponential growth of renewable energy during the past three decades global emissions have still been steadily rising – because many bigger factors are at play. We are heading for catastrophic 4.1 degree rise by the end of the century. What changes will make the biggest difference to this?

EN-Roads is smart simulation program that helps to fill out the total picture.
It’s especially a great resource for students.

Click on the graph to get started. (It may take a few moments to load.)

Play around with all of the variables to see how they change world temperature.

Since 1965 the proportion of world energy consumption contributed by fossil fuels has dropped from 94% to 85%. But since we need to be sharply reducing fossil fuel use rather than increasing it, as at present, this is cold comfort. Our governments need to think way, way beyond just renewable energy.

[There are various other buttons at the top of the page, so feel free to play around with the simulation program.]

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