The Global Climate Emergency in 5 charts

The five charts below have been compiled by members of Climate Tasmania in an effort to distil the climate change challenge in an easy-to-digest form.

(* Just click on images to see them enlarged.)

Global emissions growth since 1850

Global temperature trend since 1850
Long term global temperature changes
Where we are heading by the end of this century
What we need to do to avoid the worst

The way climate change plays out is complex,
 but the fundamentals are straightforward. The primary cause is the carbon emitted into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas.

The most important remedy is therefore to reduce these emissions.

We must also prepare people for the inevitable changes already locked into the system as a result of past emissions – more heat, more weather extremes, more storms and floods including coastal flooding.  This all gives rise to complex political, economic, social and psychological issues.

Governments everywhere need to be prepared for this rapidly growing emergency. They need to have plans in place for both cutting emissions and leading the way for the population to adapt to different conditions, and to be starting now to implement them.

Most importantly, they need to take this issue very seriously.


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