Don’t even think about it!

Don't even think about itWhy do most people never talk about climate change, even people with personal experience of extreme record breaking weather?

Why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, do we still ignore climate change? What does will it take for society to accept what we already know?

These puzzling questions have dogged the minds of many climate scientists and communicators for years. Indeed, as Climate Tasmania member James Risbey, explained at our launch in December, the science – relevant to the larger policy questions – is already mature enough to make decisions.

The key word here is ‘framing’. What is needed at this point is better framing of the climate issue so that matches how people think and respond to these big picture issues.

With this in mind, George Marshall’s recent book – “Don’t even think about it!” – is essential reading. It’s available in Fullers and other good book stores, or you can buy online.

For a longer summary see HERE.

“If you haven’t got hold of George Marshall’s book yet you should. It will guide my thinking for a long time to come. It’s exceptionally well considered, the product of a high-grade mind that’s spent a lifetime seeking to understand people’s relationships with their environment and each other.”

Science journalist, Peter Boyer

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