Snapshot of Tas power supply and demand

Below is the latest power generation snapshot facility kindly provided by Nemwatch.

By hovering your cursor over the coloured bars you can now see not only how much power is currently being generated in Tasmania from various sources, you can now also compare this to statewide power demand that’s happening at that same time.

By way of example at 3pm, Jan 11 Tasmania was consuming 1234 MW of power. At that same moment the following amounts were being generated:
211 MW from Tamar River gas power station
201 MW from wind farms
62 MW from small scale solar
1109 MW from the hydro-electric system

Note that owing to lower than average rainfall in 2017 plus higher than average temperatures, the Tamar Valley gas power station was deployed very heavily during the year, being fired up last January and averaging over 200 MW output for most of the year.

[Inflows into hydro-electric impoundments are influenced primarily by 1) soil dryness – a function of ambient air temperatures – and 2) rainfall distribution.]

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