About Climate Tasmania

‘Out of the ashes’

Climate Tasmania is a non-government advisory body formed in October 2014. It’s general aim is to:

‘Provide timely, independent and authoritative advice to Tasmanian business, government and community leaders on climate change and appropriate policy responses.’

Blueprint Cover 2This function had previously been the role of the Tasmanian Climate Action Council (TCAC), a statutory body set up by the state government in 2009. However, the TCAC and its functions were formally abolished by the incoming state government in 2014.

The formation of Climate Tasmania has parallels with the national Climate Council. Through popular support, that was formed from the ashes of the Australian Climate Commission that had been abolished by the incoming Federal Government in 2013. In both cases the professionals who had comprised these bodies have recognised the urgency and importance of effective climate change mitigation and adaptation should not be diminished.

Rather than see climate change downgraded at a policy level, members of the disbanded TCAC have chosen to sustain this essential work through a newly constituted body, Climate Tasmania, augmented with additional members.

The new team is immensely grateful to the TCAC’s former chairs, Associate Professor Kate Crowley and Professor Lesley Hughes, and their professional colleagues for their committed leadership since 2009, and also to Tasmanians from all walks of life who have been climate champions in their communities.

[The constitution of Climate Tasmania can be downloaded HERE]

[The Blueprint for Action (pictured, top right), is a three pronged strategy for climate action that was compiled by the former TCAC.]