Tasmanian State Election – climate facts

This week Climate Tasmania is releasing a series of Fact Sheets to help clarify the need for appropriate, well considered climate policies in the state election context.

We are not politically aligned and are not recommending specific policies for the state election on May 1. However climate change has many technical aspects and we therefore feel that it is important for political representatives and voters to be informed of the facts.

Please click on menu items at the head of this page to understand our role as an advisory body.

Fact Sheet #1: Does Tasmania have 100% renewable energy?
Media release

Fact Sheet #2: Is Tasmania a world leader in mitigating climate change?
Media release
• Radio interview John Hunter with Ryk Goddard, 21 April 2021
• Earlier, longer website post: Is Tasmania really a Climate Leader?

Fact sheet #3: Stranded assets – why are they important?
Media release

Fact sheet #4: Will Tasmania’s 200% renewables target reduce emissions?
Media release
• An earlier briefing paper with references: Tasmania’s 200% Renewables Target

Policy Paper: Why there’s a need for an independent Climate Commission.

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