A new Climate Act for Tasmania

Information Resources…

… for anyone interested in the development of comprehensive climate legislation for Tasmania.

We invite readers to scan the briefing articles below to find out the state of play and the reform initiatives we have been putting forward.

In the absence of such a legislative framework our state’s responses the climate challenge are subject to the vagaries of competing interests in the political sphere and lack essential mandates.

Although there are various parallel state government action plans and strategies in place or being developed, in the absence of a legislated framework there is nothing to tie down consecutive administrations to formidably deal climate change appropriately.

How Tasmania can lead the world

This opens an informative 15-minute slide show developed by Climate Tasmania in 2018 outlining why a comprehensive Climate Act is needed in the face of advancing climate change.

Our open letter to Tasmanian MPs

Here is the letter we delivered to all forty Tasmanian parliamentarians in 2017, putting our case for all MPs to work together on climate change for Tasmania’s sake.

Our follow-up letter to Tasmanian MPs

Here is our follow up letter to the above letter.
Note: See Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 at foot of the letter – for further background information.

Beefing up Tasmania’s climate legislation

Here we explain the deficiencies in the current Climate Act, outlining our reform project.

What we want the Tasmanian parliament to do

Here we presented a compromise proposal suggesting a way in which both the Government and the Parliament may be able to enact legislation on climate change that is consistent with the science.

Climate change can’t remain unregulated

Here we sumarise the need for climate change to be regulated by legislation, and how this is taking place in other jurisdictions.

Our drafting instructions for a new comprehensive Act

Here the Climate Tasmania group presents modal Drafting Instructions that would help to inform the state government and legislature how a detailed, comprehensive and ambitious state Act could be framed.

Tasmania’s post-covid recovery plan

Here is our submission to this process, arguing why climate change needs to be integrated with Tasmania’s post covid economic and social recovery.

Zali Steggal’s proposal for a national Climate Change Act

Here is our submission to this important Bill being debated in Canberra, with reference to the different roles of national and state based climate climate legislation.

The government’s review process

Here is a link that takes you to the Tasmanian Government’s Climate Act review process, including how to have your say in that process.

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