Invitation to climate risk forum

Drought – catastrophic bushfires – extreme temperatures – habitat disruption – human migration – crop damage – coastal erosion – spread of diseases.

dreamstime_s_53002613• What are the main climate change risks that Tasmania will face?

• How well are we prepared to deal with those risks?

• How good is Tasmania’s risk information?

• Who is responsible for communicating and mitigating various risks?

This is the third in our 2015 forum series exploring how climate change will impact on our common future and what can and should be done here in Tasmania.

Hear from knowledgeable Tasmanian speakers – Tas Fire Service personnel Sandra Whight and Chris Collins, UTAS researcher Dr Anna Lyth and Climate Tasmania member and oceanographer Dr John Hunter… followed by a lively discussion.

Please put in your diary now and invite your interested colleagues.

Risk forum

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Risk Forum Flyer

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