Where do Tasmanian emissions come from?

Sustainable Living Tasmania has done a wonderful job converting our state greenhouse emissions profile into a visual display.

energy-wheelThe wheel here represents greenhouse emissions coming from the four primary sectors shown. Emissions are based on 2014 official data.

Click on the wheel and it will come up live. Working from the inside to outside, you will see that emission of those four basic sectors are broken down into subsections and emissions shown for each sub sector (to the right of the wheel).

Note that household emissions attributed to energy (represented on the lower right small green band) amount to just 2 percent of overall state emissions. Since energy consumption typically represents approximately 17 percent of each household’s overall emissions (CSIRO), the overall portion of emissions that can be attributed directly to the domestic sector would be approximately five times this value.

(Precisely working out actual emissions for any sector is made somewhat difficult by the fact that almost no data is kept on the amount of embodied energy contained in imported and exported goods.)

Emissions that stem from forest operations are analysed separately in this article.

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