Tasmanian government launches state climate strategy

The Tasmanian state government today launched the long awaited state climate change strategy today – ironically on the same day that the United States announced that it will pull out from the COP 21 Paris global climate pact.

Entitled “Climate Action 21”, the strategy was three years in the writing and purports to set out the Tasmanian government’s policy detail for addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation for the coming four years to 2021.

Climate Tasmania, along with a number of other bodies, submitted to the draft in 2015 and has been awaiting the publication of this document – its publication somewhat delayed owing to Tasmania having being caught up in a series of climate related energy crises during 2016.

In recent months Climate Tasmania has written to all state MPs appealing for them to work together so as to ensure that the climate change issue is dealt with in a less partisan manner.

To download a copy of the state strategy please click here

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